Planty Kate likes sharing and collaborating with other like-minded businesses. You’ll see the great results in the products you use.


Planty Kate likes sharing and collaborating with other like-minded local businesses and you'll see the great results in the products you use.
We do this by taking components that would be traditionally viewed as waste, understanding they have value with brilliant qualities and benefits, that we can harness and cleverly elevate into our formulations.
We love the creative challenge of this and the beautiful products that evolve from this process.
We are also delighted to use ingredients that have come from our local South West communities and are always looking to add new ones to our formulas to make this process flourish.  Meeting and becoming friends with these brilliant local businesses is an added bonus!

Dorset Sea Salt

Dorset Sea Salt Co

Dorset Sea Salt Co. are a young and vibrant business. The salt we use in our products is manufactured by them. They hand harvest the salt from the Atlantic and then produce it using Biomass, Wind and Solar power to make a super salt, that shares their energy and packs a punch!


The Green Bird Café and The Bird House Café

The Green Bird Café and The Bird House Café

The Green Bird Café and The Bird House Café make brilliant fresh coffee. We use their coffee grounds, once they have had first filter, through their coffee machines. These are repurposed into our candles and scrubs. We like taking a little bit of their fab coffee hit home with us!


Comins Tea House

Comins Tea House

Comins Tea House are a great family business and the anoraks of tea! We love whiling away a lazy afternoon, sipping tea in their Tea House. Their white and green leaves, rich in antioxidants are regenerated into our soaps, melts and washes. We are also partial to adding a touch of their Matcha tea to our products for a great natural colour and again super rich in antioxidants.


Rebel Angel Crystal Shop

Rebel Angel Crystal Shop

There’s not much Janelle, who runs this Crystal Shop doesn’t know about Crystals. She’s our go to for Crystal power and helps us bring that bit of something extra ‘special’ into our products. All the distilled water used in our cold pressed soap is infused with Aquamarine Crystal. We love it, as not only does it help relax, but exhilarates at the same time. Please watch for updates. We’ve got some great new collaborations developing and hope to share our new creations very soon.Brilliant energy.


Rebel Angel Crystal Shop

Solsbury Hill Honey

In the market gardens, hills and meadows surrounding Bath, bee keeper and honey producer Pete Davis has 60 colonies of bees which produce the wonderful multi-floral Solsbury Hill honey.

The bees have access to a wide range of nectar sources from the various fruits, flowers and trees in the surrounding locality including, the inspiration for its name, the lower slopes of Solsbury Hill. This lush environment for the bees results in a honey with a unique colour, taste and texture, which is so popular with the locals.

At Planty Kate we love using this local honey and beeswax in our products. Amazing skincare benefits include antibacterial properties to help heal and prevent skin infections as well as aiding in the reduction of issues such as scaring and skin sensitivity.

Honey is rich in antioxidants and has a natural ability to hold onto water (the perfect humectant), so is a great hydrating moisturiser - perfect for reducing the signs of fine lines and ageing. Beeswax contains similar benefits and is the ideal natural ingredient for adding richness and shine in lip balm and hair care products.

All these great qualities and the fact that Pete and his wife Monica are local producers makes us love Solsbury Hill Honey and Beeswax all the more.